New Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru / Learned Society of Wales Fellows

We wish to offer our congratulations to Professor Jamie Davies, Professor of Experimental Anatomy, University of Edinburgh, who has been elected to the Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru/Learned Society of Wales. The society’s new Fellows include academics from across Welsh and UK universities, writers, researchers and leaders from the world of higher education, as well as law, medicine and the media

Jamie has led the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database since 2014, having taken over from Professor Tony Harmar, and has been instrumental in the launch of IUPHAR Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY and IUPHAR/MMV Guide to Malaria PHARMACOLOGY. Professor Davies said, “I am delighted to be elected, and hope to play my small part in helping to promote the sciences in the land of my birth.”

Also elected to the society is Professor Clare Bryant, Professor of Innate Immunity, Cambridge University. Professor Bryant specialises in the field of innate immunity, which is one of the first lines of defence against antigens, harmful materials, entering the body. This has led to work developing medicines for treating allergies and Alzheimer’s disease. She was also instrumental in supporting the establishment of the IUPHAR Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY.

Both Jamie and Clare are 2 of 5 new Fellows elected under the medicine and medical sciences speciality, and you can read more about them here:

Well done Jamie and Clare!

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