Our upcoming release

As we approach our 2014.3 release in a few weeks time the curation team are busy adding and updating records. This includes a round of inputs an revisions from our protein family committees and a new FAQ. Just to remind you (as we hope we have also made clear in the past) we welcome suggestions of new content (that we may be able to squeeze in to this release), particularly from your own recent publications or “hot topics” you think are worthy of inclusion. In the first instance this can be to simply send a URL for the publication to this email address.

As you can see from the database content we use what can be termed primary data (e.g. an in vitro IC50) for new ligands and targets. However, we certainly consider secondary publications on new in vivo or clinical pharmacology (but try to send us the primary citations as well).

Keep an eye out for news of our release, and the new content and features over the coming weeks.

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