New content and features: November 2014 update

The latest database version (2014.3) was released on 5th November and includes many content updates and new website enhancements. The current release now covers 7220 distinct ligands interacting at 2708 protein targets (see full statistics on our About page). This post describes all the changes:


  • Overview pages for target classes and superfamilies: while browsing the target family lists you can now click on the ‘Overview’ icon to access overviews, subfamily lists and further reading for target super families (Figure 1)
  • Search term auto completion: As you type in search terms which match target or ligand names in the database these now come up as a list of suggestions (Figure 2). Clicking on a result links straight to the database page for that entity.
  • Searches now work with Greek characters e.g. α,β.
  • Removed option to choose whether to go to the concise or detailed view page in target search results. Results link directly to the detailed view if it exists, or to the concise view if it doesn’t.
  • Data downloads: new peptide ligand CSV file with sequences and chemical modifications.

Figure 1 – Screenshot of the enzyme family list showing the new overview icon which links to superfamily overview pages.

figure 1

Figure 2 – Screenshot of search term auto complete suggestions for target and ligand names

figure 2

Target updates




  • Kinases: curation of all phase III kinase inhibitors
  • Proteases:
    • 20 new clinical candidates and lead compounds
    • 103 proteases with a primary target <> ligand interaction
    • 39 where the primary target quantitative interaction is with an approved drug
    • Increased ligand mappings to FII (thrombin) ACE, PSEN1, BACE1 and BACE2

Ligands: is the new home of IUPHAR-DB

Please note that the original site now redirects to All target and ligand pages automatically redirect to the corresponding pages on the new site and we are working with other sites that point to us to update their links. Please update your bookmarks and start using the new site. Feel free to send us any comments – we are always looking for ways to improve our site!

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