Database Release 2022.4

The latest release of the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology database was made on 13th December 2022. This database release is version 2022.4, and is the fourth release this year. GtoPdb now contains:

  • 3,013  human targets, 1,633 of which have curated quantitative ligand interactions.
  • 11,596 ligands, 8,557 of which have curated quantitative target interactions.
  • 1,813 approved drugs, 1,071 with curated quantitative interactions.
  • Clinical use summaries for over 3,267 ligands of which 1,806 are approved drugs.

Website Updates

Our PostgreSQL version has been update to 12.13.

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One comment on “Database Release 2022.4
  1. […] the tags we have introduced will make this clearer. For starters, as many may know, as of release 2022.4 GtoPdb has 11603 PubChem substance (SID) records. Looking at SID472319339 we can find the […]

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