Database Release 2020.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database, version 2020.5. This is the last planned release for 2020.

The 2020.5 release contains:

  • 1,567 human targets with curated quantitative ligand interactions.
  • 10,659 ligands, 7,884 of which have curated quantitative target interactions.
  • 1,614 approved drugs, 974 with curated quantitative interactions.
  • Clinical use summaries for over 2,800 ligands.


The Guide to Pharmacology coronavirus information page continues to be updated on a regular basis to capture the latest pharmacological strategies under investigation to mitigate against COVID-19.

We have curated some of the entities from the WHO list of COVID-related therapeutics that was released at the end of October: alunacedase alfa, eclitasertib, enpatoran, molnupiravir, nezulcitinib, subasumstat.

Curation Updates

There have been updates to the S1P and LPA receptor families, the bradykinin receptors family, and the S1P turnover enzymes. The P-type ATPases have been expanded and reorganised.

A new family of transporters has been added, SLC66 Lysosomal amino acid transporters, and cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) has been added as a new immunopharmacology target.

Website Updates

  • We have started taking step to identify and and fix high-priority accessibility problems
  • Links to AntibioticDB now cover over 280 ligands.

Guide to Malaria Pharmacology (GtoMPdb)

These are the recent advancements made in the GtoMPdb for this database release:

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