Database release 2017.4

Our 4th database release of 2017 was published on 23rd May 2017. It now includes 15133 interactions between 2813 targets and 8900 ligands. For full release statistics see the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY About page.

Target Updates

Updates have been made to the following target families:




The most major update in this release is the inclusion of the first beta-release of the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY (GtoImmuPdb).
GtoImmuPdb is a Wellcome Trust-funded extension to the existing Guide to PHARMACOLOGY (GtoPdb) and this release marks an important milestone in its production and development. GtoImmuPdb aims to provide improved data exchange between immunology and pharmacology expert communities, so to better support research and development of drugs targeted at modulating immune, inflammatory or infectious components of disease. The underlying GtoPdb schema has been extended to incorporate new immune system specific data types (such as processes, cell types and disease) and the GtoPdb website has been developed to surface this new data and incorporate it into the existing search and browse mechanisms. A new Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY portal ( has been developed, which serves as a unique immunological access-point to the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY.

For more information, please see our separate blog post on the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY beta-release.

Ligand activity graphs

In our 2017.2 release we announced the development of ligand activity graphs which can be used to compare activity ranges across species using data extracted from GtoPdb and ChEMBL.activity_graphs

These have recently been updated to use the latest ChEMBL release (ChEMBL_23), which was made available on 19th May 2017. We have also applied a few minor bug fixes to the graphs, most notably with the box plot display. We are very interested in getting feedback on this new feature and would encourage anyone who has used it or looked at it to get in touch with comments.

Website updates

The latest GtoPdb release has also incorporated changes to our news and hot topics pages. The revised news page has been designed to give greater prominence to our blog feed, which is now our main source of news.

Our hot topics page has also been modified to better capture and present interesting topics in pharmacology. It now presents a more refined list of the latest hot topics, with link from selected ones to our blog, where contributors have provided more detailed and enriched comments.

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