NC-IUPHAR newsletter Summer 2014

The latest edition of our newsletter can be read at the link below:


Special features covered in this issue include:

  • A detailed profile of the PubChem database contributed by their lead scientist Evan Bolton, with whom we have worked in consultation with as we move forward with our ligand curation;
  • “Out-and-about with the database team” – a summary of conferences and meetings attended by the team so far this year;
  • Spotlight feature on our curation of approved drugs;
  • “Pharmacology of human proteases”, contributed by Tony Turner, chair of the NC-IUPHAR committee for proteases and hydrolases;
  • A tribute to NC-IUPHAR Vice Chair and Database Chair Prof. Tony Harmar, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Regular features include:

  • A message from NC-IUPHAR chairman Michael Spedding;
  • An update from the database team on our work on the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY;
  • ‘Student experiences’, this time with a piece contributed by our 2013 summer student Katerina Gospodinova;
  • A report of our April 2014 NC-IUPHAR meeting

The newsletter is also available via our website and we have also created an archive of previous issues which can be viewed here.

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