WCP 2014: 17th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology in Cape Town


We recommend that all our users consider attending WCP2014 (early bird registration has now been extended until March 31st). Members of the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database team, and NC-IUPHAR committee members will be attending and look forward to meeting you there. A number of presentations by NC-IUPHAR committee and subcommittee members are scheduled, outlined below:

Plenary lectures

  • Arthur Christopoulos-IUPHAR Analytical Pharmacology lecture- Adventures in Allostery: From structure to function
  • Yoshikatsu Kanai – Amino acid transporters in oncology
  • Simon Maxwell – Challenges in training tomorrow’s prescribers
  • Kozo Kaibuchi – Protein Phosphorylation in Signal transduction
  • Richard Neubig – Signal transduction in therapeutics
  • Doriano Fabbro – Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Martin Michel – Autonomic pharmacology of the urogenital tract

Symposia including NC-IUPHAR affiliates

  • Orphan G protein-coupled receptors- What are the new ligand and new drug targets? (Anthony Davenport, Janet Maguire, Stephen Alexander, Adam Pawson)
  • Structural Basis for Ion Channel Pharmacology (including Bill Catterall)
  • NC-IUPHAR and the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY (Sir Colin Dollery, Michael Spedding, Simon Maxwell, Adam Pawson, Chris Southan)
  • Update in geriatric pharmacology Optimal Prescribing in Older Patients: The challenge of Multiple Comorbid Conditions and Polypharmacy (including Darrell Abernethy)
  • Evolution, sport and modern diseases (including Michael Spedding)
  • Emerging Drug Targets (including Richard Neubig)
  • Glucocorticoids: new insights into mechanisms of action (including John Cidlowski)
  • Epigenetic mechanisms in cell- and drug-based heart failure therapies (including Lutz Hein)

Full details for the meeting and a detailed schedule can be found on the event website. Click on the following links for flyers outlining event speakers, focused target sessions and symposia and events in and around Cape Town.

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