Database Release 2021.2

The new release of the IUPHAR Guide to Pharmacology was made on 25th June 2021 – this is version 2020.2. This blog post gives details of the key content updates and website changes.

The 2021.2 release contains:

  • 1,588 human targets with curated quantitative ligand interactions.
  • 10,894 ligands, 8,066 of which have curated quantitative target interactions.
  • 1,664 approved drugs, 1,006 with curated quantitative interactions.
  • Clinical use summaries for over 2,934 ligands of which 1,660 are approved drugs.

Curation Updates

Since our 2021.2 update we have added over 70 new ligands. These have all been manually curated with chemical or peptide structures, links to external resources, general comments, notes on clinical development where appropriate, and target interaction data where this is available. We have also made update to over 40 existing ligand comments and clinical use summaries. Bioactivity comments have been updated on 10 ligands and 16 existing ligand have now been tagged as approved drugs.

Website Updates

  • New homepage (beta version) is available. This is a minor re-working of our homepage to prioritise the database search tools and access to ligand activity charts, immunopharmacology and malaria pharmacology.¬†
  • Added links from solute-carrier targets to the RESOLUTE – Solute Carrier Knowledgebase

Guide to Malaria Pharmacology (GtoMPdb)

These are the recent advancements made in the GtoMPdb for this database release:


The Guide to Pharmacology coronavirus information page continues to be updated on a regular basis to capture the latest pharmacological strategies under investigation to mitigate against COVID-19.

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