GtoPdb database release 2016.3

We are pleased to announce our third database release of 2016. Version 2016.3 was published on 21st July 2016. The database is available through the Guide to Pharmacology website, download pages and web-services. In this release, our curators have added comments to all approved drugs in the database (1,290). These comments are included in the ligand details we submit to PubChem.

Target updates:

Website updates

A short, introductory video of the Concise Guide to Pharmacology has been added to the homepage. We will be bringing you more news about the concise guide through this blog in the future – so look out for those. The first, and introduction to the Concise Guide can be found here.

We have also made some minor modifications to our news, updates and announcements, consolidating these in this blog so that there is a single new feed.

Database Statistics

In total the database now contains 14,577 curated interactions across 2,789 human targets and 8,611 ligands. More specifically, the database contain 1,429 human targets that have quantitative interactions to a ligand.


Number of human targets in GtoPdb 2016.3. Measured by number of distinct UniProt entries includes for a given target class


Breakdown of ligand classes in GtoPdb 2016.3

View all the latest database content stats here.

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