GtoPdb database release 2016.2

The latest update of the database, version 2016.2, has been released (30th March 2016). The summary of the main updates is below. Database content in various formats can be downloaded from our download pages and accessed via web services.

This database release comes only 2 months after our last release. This has been done to coincide with the release of the IUPHAR/ASPET Pharmacology Education Site. An education portal that will be closely linked to the GtoPdb and provides high-quality training in the principles and techniques of basic and clinical pharmacology.

Target updates:

Database Statistics

In total the database now contains 14,327 curated interactions across 2,775 targets and 8,400 ligands


Number of human targets in GtoPdb 2016.2. Measured by number of distinct UniProt entries includes for a given target class


Breakdown of ligand classes in GtoPdb 2016.2

View all the latest database content stats here.

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