New features on the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY: June 2014

Our latest database update took place on Monday 16th June and this post summarises the new content and features on the site.

Website demo

Our ‘Help’ pages now include a ‘walkthrough’ demo of the website produced by Prof. Tony Harmar prior to his retirement. This resource complements the tutorial already available via our ‘Resources’ menu and we especially hope our new users will find it valuable for getting to grips with the site.

Target updates

Our enzyme target class has been updated to include additional chromatin-modifying enzymes from several recent review articles, while our ‘other proteins targets’ class now includes bromodomain-containing proteins, also curated from recent reviews. Many of these target pages have also now been updated to include interaction data for the ligands which modify these targets. For the GPCR target class, the dopamine D1 and somatostatin sst3 and sst5 receptor pages have been updated.

Ligand updates

We now include a separate tab on our ligand list for labelled ligands. This includes radiolabelled ligands, unstable isotopes, fluorescent tags and small chemical entities.

Each of the tabs on our ligand list is now annotated with our ‘approved drug’ symbol, indicating approved drug ligands within each class.

Following a quality-control check on our ligand entries in consultation with PubChem, many of our ligand pages have been further annotated with CID-crosslinks and contextual comments. Our series of blog posts on chemical curation will discuss some of the interesting case studies we encountered during this exercise.

A summary of the total number of targets and ligand now in the database is available on our ‘About’ page

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